Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Florida Style & Design: Staycation Home

With all the stunning features of a luxury resort, this South Florida residence is a veritable tropical paradise—neither plane tickets nor...

Florida Style & Design: Small Miracles

When it comes to creating sacred small-space gardens, biophilic designer Jeffrey Allis of TruVine Design is your “spiritual” guide.

Florida Style & Design: Light The Night

Judith Norman is a shining beacon guiding the way to optimal outdoor lighting Here in South Florida,...

How Does Your Garden Grow?

When your landscape architect is Erez Bar-Nur, the answer is: “any way you want it to.” Art...

Florida Style & Design: The Coast Is Clear

Photography by Brantley Photography Designer Erin Paige Pitts channels her love of coastal style and luxe livability...

Florida Style & Design: Magic Act

Photography by Karen Fuchs Architect Chad Oppenheim designed this house to complement its Bal Harbour pedigree