Monday, April 15, 2024

Chuck Burger Joint to Debut in PBG

Proving once more that burger is the new black (or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that black is the new burger), there’s yet one more upscale purveyor of fine ground beef coming to our little corner of paradise.

That would be Chuck Burger Joint (4665 PGA Blvd., 561/625-0036), the brainchild of PyroGrill owner Michael Curcio, slated to debut at Midtown Plaza in Palm Beach Gardens on Aug. 8. One of Chuck’s selling points will be its burgers of Creekstone Ranch all-natural beef, ground by Bush Brothers of West Palm Beach.

Along with the usual burgers – n – fries, Chuck’s will offer artisan beers and wine, local produce, Mexican Coke and a “secret” menu available only to those who “like” the restaurant on its Facebook page.

To celebrate its grand opening, the first 250 customers can get a burger, fries and soda for $5, with the proceeds being donated to charity.

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