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Concert Review: Travis Scott at AA Arena

A roller coaster, fireworks, a mosh pit and a giant inflated astronaut wearing Jordans are items you wouldn’t normally see at a rap concert. Somehow, Travis Scott brought all of that and made it work for his performance at the AmericanAirlines Arena this past Sunday. The show was a part of his third headlining tour, “Astroworld—Wish You Were Here.” Local fans who attended experienced a show that kept them bouncing like a child at a local fair. 

The concert’s carnival ambience matched the theme of Scott’s latest album Astroworld, which dropped August 3. His stage design was split into two platforms: One side had a giant screen next to the DJ booth, while the other platform, located on the other side of the arena, had a single-seat roller coaster with a circular track. Between the platforms sat the fans who paid for floor access. The show began with the familiar melody of “Stargazing” as the arena went black and the fans on the floor rushed to the front platform with the large screen. Scott screamed, “I’m behind you,” and popped up from the floor of the other platform. On his second song, Scott strapped himself into that roller coaster on the platform and started rapping while upside down on the ride—one of several tricks Scott had in store for the performance.

The set list was composed of hits from Scott’s recent and vintage material. At the beginning of almost every beat drop, you felt the ground shaking under you from the multitude of pogoing spectators. On cuts like “Mamacita,” “Upper Echelon” and “No Bystanders” fans just lost it in the stands and on the floor when the beat dropped. Scott gave fans a chance to participate in the fun: One audience member got to ride the circular roller coaster during “Carousel.” During “Butterfly Effect,” Scott brought a fan onstage. 

The biggest surprise of the night was the finale. Scott’s final song, “Sicko Mode,” brought people to a new level of enthusiasm when he brought out Drake. They performed the song together to the accompaniment of flashbulbs and fireworks.

Though Scott’s carnival antics were entertaining, his set pulled mostly from Astroworld, so those expecting to hear a lot of material from Rodeo or Birds in the Trap Sing Mcknight would have been disappointed. Overall, Travis Scott gave South Florida fans a performance similar to riding a roller coaster: He got the crowd’s adrenaline high, made them scream, and hyped them up for another ride.

Set list






Butterfly Effect 

No Bystanders

Don’t Play

Dark Knight Dummo 


Through the Late Night

Upper Echelon

Drugs You Should Try


Love Galore


Astro Thunder

RIP Screw


Stop Trying Be God



Beibs N The Trap


5% Tint

Can’t Say



Sicko Mode

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