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Corelino’s Coal Oven Pizza Lights Up Lantana

There’s a new coal-oven pizzeria in town and its name is Corelino’s. Corelino’s Coal Oven Pizza & Cucina (6346 Lantana Road, Lantana, 561-968-8200), to be exact.

Proprietor Joe Tangialosi and partners Sal Randazzo, Joe Licausi and Arthur Scheinholz opened the crisp-crusted pie purveyor just a couple weeks ago, looking to make it the first of several Corelino’s to spring up in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. It’s a good-looking place with a small (and full) bar, outdoor seating and a pair of coal-fired pizza ovens behind a chest-high counter.

All the usual pizza suspects are on the menu, along with a handful of modestly inventive pies like the Cappriccoisa (ham, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, mozzarella, hard-boiled eggs and tomato sauce). Of course, you can also DIY or go for a selection of appetizers, salads, pastas and entrees like eggplant Parmesan and chicken marsala.

Where Corelino’s steps away from the usual pizzeria formula is with its roster of house-made desserts (including a very good tiramisu) and a wine list that, while limited, is better than many “white tablecloth” restaurants. I mean, how many pizzerias do you know that offer Veuve Clicquot champagne, an Argentine Torrontes, Clos du Bois Pinot Noir and Monte Antico Super Tuscan?

I picked up a pizza there myself a couple days back and can recommend that you do the same. Corelino’s ovens seem to cook pies more evenly than others, with none of the blackening and blistering of some but a more uniformly golden and crispy texture. Reheat a slice after a day or two on a pizza stone and the thin crust again becomes cracker crisp, which for fans of thin-crust pies like myself is just what we’re looking for.

It’s definitely worth a try, especially with a glass of that Super Tuscan.

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