Coronavirus: Florida Schools Will Remain Closed Until April 15


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced today that all state public schools will remain closed until at least April 15.

Students will miss an additional two weeks of school, and standardized testing for grades K-12 will be suspended for the remainder of the academic year.

DeSantis stated that “requirements for graduation and promotion and final course grades will be evaluated as if those assessments did not exist.”

He added that “parents may, at their discretion, choose to keep their child in the same grade for the 2021 school year. K-12 grades will not be calculated for 2019-2020.”

The Palm Beach County School District shared the news through Twitter and Facebook this evening.

The announcement follows last week’s decision to close Palm Beach County Schools beginning this week and through the end of next week’s already-scheduled spring break.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.