Countdown to the Big Night! Boca Ballroom Battle Time!

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The weeks have become days now for the eight brave souls dancing in this year’s Boca Ballroom Battle. And the premier event of the summer is right around the corner! So I am here to remind you to get your tickets now! Quick! Before it’s sold out!

Things are moving fast, especially for me, one of the 25+ alumni who agreed to dance in the opening number of the event. It’s the 10th anniversary so they are letting us veterans back out on the dance floor (crazy thinking on their part) so we have strapped on the old dance shoes and spend most practices running into each other, kind of like how the band in “Animal House” marched straight into that brick wall.

We only have four practices left and I am sure I’ll be able to finally do that twisty thing at the end. Or not. But this time I don’t care as much; It’s just fun being part of the Ballroom Battle again—and in a group, as opposed to out there all alone on a dance floor the size of Texas.

This year’s dancers already look good; I can’t wait to see them dazzle us with their routines. They have worked for months learning their steps and raising money for the George Snow Scholarship Fund. In a week, the spotlight will be all theirs.

So here’s a big break-a-leg to the following rock stars, and a reminder to the rest of you that this is the DO NOT MISS event of the summer. I’ll see you there.

Doing that twisty thing.

  • Jim Dunn, Vice President and General Manager, JM Lexus
  • Teresa “Terry” Fedele, Registered Nurse, Retired Hospital Executive, Community Volunteer
  • Lisa Kornstein Kaufman, Founder & Creative Director, Scout & Molly’s
  • Derek Morrell, Proprietor, Ouzo Bay
  • Heather Shaw, Vice President and General Manager, Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Logan Skees, Director of Business Development, Trainerspace
  • Elizabeth Murdoch Titcomb, President, EMT Creative
  • John Tolbert, President, Boca Raton Resort & Club

Boca’s Ballroom Battle is Friday, August 18, at 6 p.m. at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. Tickets are $185 per person, or $1,850 per table, with all proceeds benefiting the George Snow Scholarship Fund. For more information, sponsorships or tickets, please call 561/347-6799 or visit