COVID Response Fund: Help Is On The Way


Just a heads up to our readers affected by the coronavirus (which is all of us, of course.) We know you are already helping organizations and businesses you know in your community, but if you’d like to expand your giving (or get help yourself) please reach out to the COVID Response Fund (sponsored by The Foundation for Collective Impact, a Florida based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.)

On its website, the fund, co founded by Delray folks Gregg Weiss, Elizabeth PittsShaun Hall and Heather Gilchrist, is described as “a statewide partnership of donors, non-profit organizations, municipal agencies and attorneys, FCRF assists low income renters and homeowners facing eviction and foreclosure due to economic hardship created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, FCRF works with food banks and other institutions to aid Floridians facing food insecurity.”

So if you have problems with finding or affording food, are in danger of being evicted or you can’t make your rent or mortgage payments, please reach out. And if you are safe and want to help others suffering huge losses during this pandemic, make a donation and help someone in need.

Pay it forward.

Here’s the link:

Florida COVID Response Fund Inc. is a Florida nonprofit organization