Saturday, December 9, 2023

“Craft Grilled Cheese” Oozes Into Boynton

There’s very little more comforting than a warm, oozy grilled cheese sandwich. Except, of course, a hug from Mom.

And if you’re hungry for one of those warm, oozy, cheesy food hugs, then there’s a new eatery in Boynton Beach just waiting to wrap its arms around you. It’s Melt (1880 N. Congress Ave., 561/806-6635), a purveyor of “craft grilled cheese” sammies, meaning there’s a lot more to like than slices of plastic-y American “cheese” stuck between two slices of cottony white bread.

Proprietor Craig Larson says they’re “not your grandma’s grilled cheese” sandwiches, which means specialty sammies like the French Onion (caramelized onions with Parmesan and Swiss cheeses on country white bread), the Turkey Florentine (turkey, creamed spinach and red onion on multigrain) and the Buffalo Chicken (Panko-crusted chicken in Buffalo sauce with blue cheese dressing and American cheese on country white).

You can also DIY a sammie, choosing from among five breads and 10 cheeses, or opt for a handful of chopped salads, fries, tomato bisque and for dessert—what else?—s’mores.

It’s not just the sandwiches that aren’t what granny might have ordered. The space itself is not like any sandwich shop your average grandmother ever wandered into. Think a giant, wall-sized fantasmagorical mural featuring elves, nubile winged angels and, of course, lots of cheese, plus neo-industrial furnishings and fixtures and a hip, young, urban vibe.

If she can get past all that and down to the oozy, gooey, melty sandwiches, even granny might like it.

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