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Create an Instagram-worthy ‘Tablescape’ Like the Pros

As we come together to celebrate Passover and Easter, impress guests by bringing your A-game to your table presentation. After all, a unique and visually pleasing tablescape is just as important as what’s on the menu. It immediately sets the ambiance for any special gathering. To guide and inspire us on this creative endeavor, I reached out to three local event planning pros for their expert advice on easy tips, common mistakes, and insights on current décor trends. 

High or Low?

The Addison; photo by Munoz Photography

“Make the table visually interesting by adding height with taper candles and unique candlesticks,” says Benny Ofer, the founder and creative mastermind behind Daniel Events. Mary Mahoney, the owner of her namesake Palm Beach boutique, encourages us to “play around with different heights on the table when incorporating flowers, votives, figurines and other decorative elements to create a layered tablescape.”

Easy tip: Try this fun trick courtesy of the top notch events team at The Addison. Place your elbow on the table with your hand extending upward.  If you choose to opt for a taller centerpiece make sure the bottom of the candlestick or centerpiece is above your hand.  

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, colors, and textures. This is a current trend that has staying power. Who doesn’t love an element of non-conventionalism and surprise?! 

Photo by Munoz Photography

Ofer says to “mix different materials together like ceramic and various metals such as brass, silver, and gold.” Both The Addison team and Mahoney, often coined the “master of mix”, agree that mixing and matching glassware styles and colors is a great way to incorporate this trend. 

Easy tip: Use any color vintage water goblets with clear champagne flutes. 

Photo courtesy of Mary Mahoney Palm Beach

Creative Resourcefulness

Be creative with what you have. “Sometimes a water pitcher can be used as a pretty flower vase,” notes Mahoney. Ofer also advises to make use of existing resources by sharing this example, “If you have fruit trees at your house, take branches and make a garland down the table. Then use the fruit to garnish the dishes for an elevated food presentation.”

Photo courtesy of Mary Mahoney Palm Peach

This also goes back to the idea of mixing and matching tableware and decorative accents that you already have at home, ready to go.

Edit Away 

In the spirit of Coco Chanel’s well-known quote, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off,” all of our experts agree that there is such a thing as too much on the table. Mahoney reminds us to make room for your place setting. The Addison team agrees that, “too many items on a table make the entire feel look cluttered. Keep in mind that aside from the beautiful décor, you will need to put the food down, too!” Even Ofer, the king of extravagant event décor, quips that “just because it’s a special holiday does not mean every piece of china needs to be on display.”

Easy tip: Consider the bowls and trays you will use to serve the food as they can add to the décor and become part of the display. Rule of thumb—plates and glassware you are not actually using simply clutters the table. 

Focus on Details

“Think beautiful placemats, opulent linen fabrics and charger plates,” recommends The Addison team. Charger plates instantly add that element of elegance. Benny even suggests using lots of layers at your place settings to make it interesting, including charger plates and unique dishes for your salad course. 

The Addison team loves individual place cards and printed menus at each setting for an elegant personal touch.

Easy tip: Depending on the holiday and season, incorporate elements on the table such as fruits and vegetables, plants (real and faux), and other themed-ornamentation into the design.

Photo courtesy of Mary Mahoney Palm Beach

One Last (but Important) Piece of Advice

The next time you’re hosting a brunch, luncheon, or dinner party, channel your inner artist by turning the table into your canvas and creating a visual feast. Mahoney reassures us that, “There are no mistakes. It’s your table… have fun!”

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Olivia Hollaus
Olivia Hollaus
Olivia Hollaus is the Founder and Creative Director of Protect My Shoes, a brand focused on creating stylish, sustainable, and practical shoe care products. She loves fashion, design, and all things fabulous, so she’s always on the lookout for what’s new and unique. Aside from running her own business, Olivia is the proud mom of two boys who keep her on her toes. Follow her on Instagram at @oliviahollaus and @protectmyshoes

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