Start Your Day Brilliantly With CreativeMornings Palm Beach

CreativeMornings, a free monthly lecture series, was born in 2008, the brainchild of Swiss designer and Brooklynite Tina Roth Eisenberg. Her mission to bring creative thinkers together in New York City has now expanded to more than 180 cities all over the world. One Friday every month, thinkers, writers, artists, photographers, designers and more gather in places from Boston to Brussels for breakfast and inspiration.

During my explorations of South Florida to find ways in which we can stay healthy, I was excited to discover a chapter of CreativeMornings in Palm Beach County. I met with the chapter’s leader, Yulia Konovnitsyna, to learn more about the intention for this group.

“We unite creative minds by bringing them together once a month over lunch or breakfast,” she told me, “so that everyone can walk out and make positive change in the community and the world.”

Every month the national platform for CreativeMornings chooses a theme and all chapters then adapt their monthly talks to accommodate the theme. Every speaker is encouraged to be “creative” and allow their personality and stories to exemplify the theme.

“You never know who will be there,” Konovnitsyna said about the guest speakers. “And you do not have to be a professional. Sometimes we just find someone who is really interesting, has a great story to tell and wants to make a difference.”

Debra K and Tiffany Lanier
Debra K and Tiffany Lanier

I joined about a hundred locals at Due South Brewery in Boynton Beach for a presentation by Tiffany Lanier, a motivational speaker and coach. The theme for her presentation was “Game.” She began at level one and implored that we start by owning who we are and taking responsibility for our intentions. Level two brought us to owning our energy and the impact it has on those around us. Moving to the third level, she took us to the understanding that we must understand our impact on humanity.

“We have a responsibility to humanity and the planet to connect, grow and become the best versions of ourselves,” Lanier said.

I left the gathering with new friends and a big dose of inspiration. Truly a fun and creative morning!

Don’t miss an upcoming free event including this Friday at Boca Raton Art Museum with Jennifer O’Brien, the executive director of Resource Depot, a creative reuse and learning center. All speeches worldwide can be accessed via the main Creative Mornings website. For more information on local events, contact

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