Sunday, April 14, 2024

CrossFit Basics

Five Common CrossFit exercises – and advice on playing it safe.

[ 1 ] Clean and Jerk: This move-ment starts with the bar on the ground. Bring the bar to your shoulders and press it overhead.

[ 2 ] Deadlift: Start with the bar (and weights) on the ground. Don’t round your back or look down. Use good posture. Reach down, pick up the weight, stand up and lower the weights.

[ 3 ] Squat: Start with feet shoulder-width apart. Maintain posture. Look straight ahead. Squat down, keeping in that upright position, and stand back up.

[ 4 ] Pull-ups: CrossFit trains men and women to do pull-ups using a variety of tech-niques, including jumping pull-ups, using as-sistance or using rings.

[ 5 ] Burpee: There are variations. Here’s one: Drop down to the ground in the push-up position, bring your feet back to your hands

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