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Romancing The Stones

Valentine’s Day is in two weeks so that got us thinking about sparkly things, which got us thinking about a man who goes all over the world to find them.

And that would be David Rosenberg, owner of Rosenberg Diamonds, who has been in love with diamonds his whole life, since his childhood in Tel Aviv. “This is the problem that I have; I’m a sucker for them,” he says. “I’m like an addict. For me, I have carats running through my veins.”

Rosenberg has traveled around the world to source his diamonds, from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Russia and Botswana, excited every time about what he’s about to discover. So we asked him about a few of his favorites.

Any special stones you were crazy about?

“I can think of so many of them. There is this beautiful four-carat vivid green diamond that looked like something you would pull out of the Kryptonite of Superman.

“We’re talking color so beautiful it looks irradiated. I tried to purchase that stone for about three or four years, and the individual who owned it didn’t want to let go of it because he thought it was the greatest thing ever, and we negotiated for the longest time. So I called that person on New Year’s Eve 2021 to wish him a Happy New Year and it was overseas and I said, ‘Come on, let me start off the New Year with your selling me that diamond.’ I guess he had a little too much to drink and he threw a number and I said, ‘Done. Mazal.'”

And the honor system?

“That’s how we buy and sell diamonds, with the word mazal, a Hebrew word that means luck, but it also means you’ve sealed the deal. It’s like when you shake someone’s hand, you’ve sealed the deal. It’s still the only industry in the world that operates on the honor system. If I purchase from someone and we don’t even know each other, but we’ve checked references on each other, and I purchased the stone from the guy—or he from me—for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, neither one of us have to worry about sleeping at night.”

And one that got away?

“One of them was a spectacular 8.25 carat blue diamond. I held that stone for about five years; it wasn’t even for sale. When I sold it, it felt like someone took the rib cage out of my body. I actually got to see it recently and offered more than double what I sold it for and they didn’t sell it to me. That stone is spectacular—it looks like the color of a beautiful bright crispy day, the sky crystal blue, with not a cloud in the sky, just pure blue.”

What is it about colored diamonds?

“I’m really enamored with fancy colored diamonds; they are extremely, extremely rare, although I handle some of the best white diamonds there are worldwide. I have several 50 carats in stock—flawless—110 carats, 120-carat necklaces.

“I try to have only good days, but if I have a day that is not the brightest of the days, I will open up my safe, take out one of those fancy colored stones, and the smile goes from ear to ear.”

Recommendation for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

“An impressive diamond eternity band.”

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Marie Speed
Marie Speed
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