Delivery Dudes Delivering Donations This Week, Too

4ocean and Delivery Dudes during a beach cleanup

Starting today (Nov. 17), Delivery Dudes will pick up any canned donations you want to give to United Way of Palm Beach County’s Project Thanksgiving food drive.

If you order food and Delivery Dudes drops it off, hand them a can or two. If you’re not ordering food to be delivered, but want to donate cans, just call Delivery Dudes for a pick-up. It’s a pretty simple deal that allows us all to help neighbors who may need some holiday meal help this year.

The Delray Beach-based service conducts health checks, temperature checks and screenings of drivers for wellness before each shift throughout SoFla. Delivery Dudes has been in business for more than 10 years now. 

To help during the Nov. 17-Nov. 24 canned food drive, call DD at 561/900-7060 to schedule a pick-up, free of charge and no ordering needed.

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