Delivery Dudes Lets Customers Say No to Plasticware

4ocean and Delivery Dudes during a beach cleanup

When you order your next lunch or dinner from Delivery Dudes, you’ll now be able to opt out of plastic cutlery.

The food delivery service announced its partnership with ocean cleanup group, 4ocean, to help reduce plasticware in its delivery orders. When placing your order on the app or website, customers can check the option “4ocean Cutlery Opt Out.”

“Thank you for opting out of cutlery and helping to reduce the use of single use plastics,” it says on the Delivery Dudes app.

When ordering by phone, customers can also request this.

“I’ve personally wanted to eliminate the waste created by delivery for years,” Ryan Sturgis, Delivery Dudes COO, said in a press release. “We’ve always been thinking about a final solution, which has been difficult to create. The reality is we need to get started in order to make an impact. I’m glad we’re kicking off a program with a local business to raise awareness in our communities.”

(Courtesy Delivery Dudes)

Other businesses have been making efforts to reduce plastic. The Subculture Group started phasing out single-use straws in all its bars in restaurants last year, and the city of Delray Beach has banned them. The city of Boca Raton decided not to ban straws, but instead is working on a community-wide movement to reduce their use. Mayor Scott Singer pointed out that some people with disabilities need the reusable straws to help them drink.

Based in Delray Beach, Delivery Dudes has been providing food delivery services since 2009, bringing restaurant meals to customers. 4ocean works around the world to remove trash from the ocean and coastlines—it has removed more than 4 million pounds of trash in 27 countries.

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