Delray Beach Fashion Week’s Swim Show Slayed Us

delray beach fashion week

Delray is about more than great dining and The Downtowner, drum circles and craft brews. Its burgeoning fashion scene (yes, it has fashion!) was on full display last week during Delray Fashion Week, with a whole range of events from the wacky stiletto race to The Swim & Surf Runway Show.

We went to several of the events but loved the swim and surf show (that is so us) emceed by CBS 12 News Anchor Suzanne Boyd and Roxy Lulu’s Julie Gauglardi. The show at Old School Square featured stunning one-of-a-kind designs, some by local Delray designers, with a sense of edgy glamor and in-your-face personality that practically screamed South Florida. The runway was filled with bright vibrant colors that stood out against the soft night sky, the glow of a buzzy Atlantic Avenue just a block away.

Many of the looks emphasized bold whimsical patterns, ranging from abstract color splotches to palm fronds and tropical florals; an entire outfit was patterned in fun breakfast foods. The fun didn’t stop at the clothes, as some of the models posed with bright toy pinwheels, lacy parasols and surfboards, and signature accessories that they threw into the crowd.

It was fresh, it was hip, it was Delray all over—our style, all week long.

Words and photos by Shari Brown. 

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