Monday, December 4, 2023

Delray Library Turns 100

I have always been a big reader and I started early. I remember sitting on the basement stairs before I was old enough to go to school looking at books, and it’s just what I’ve always done. Reading to me is like breathing and I always have a book or two going. That’s got to be the reason I still buy books, never throw them away, do not have a kindle and have an office with shelves packed with way too many of them. As I write this, I am looking right now at everything from Hemingway to T.S Eliot to Eudora Welty, Peter Matthiessen, a whole set of Harry Potter, Joan Didion, books about Grizzly bear attacks and tales of old Florida. I can’t get my hands on enough books in this lifetime—which is why I am a big fan of our wonderful Delray Beach library.

Last night was the kick-off of its centennial year with an unveiling of two 22’ by 6’ banners that will hang on the façade of the library facing Atlantic Avenue. The library was started in 1913 by the Ladies Improvement Association, and I would like to thank those ladies outright. Delray is indeed much improved by this institution, which was recently voted Non-profit of the Year.

The library has books, of course, and programs for all ages—not too mention that great book smell. It has become a pivotal institution the Delray community, and offers a kind of grounded-ness to a town with way too many tapas bars. So I say celebrate its 100th birthday by paying it a visit, getting a library card, checking out a book. Give yourself the gift of rediscovering the great American library—and the joy of reading.


The Delray Beach Public Library, 100 W. Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach,


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