Boca Ballroom Battle: Meet Me at Madison’s!

It’s been six years since I was dancer in the Boca Ballroom Battle, and every year since I’ve seen a new crop of dedicated dancers, all of them gung-ho and full of trepidation but also full of some kind of fundraising fire that has eclipsed the good old days. 

These people are out to make a difference in the lives of all the kids who cannot afford to go to college—but have the passion and the intellect to succeed in higher education. That’s the mission of the George Snow Scholarship Foundation.

Boca magazine is a fan of each and every one of the dancers in this year’s 2019 Ballroom Battle—but as Marie Speed, not Marie-Speed-the-editor, I had to make a shout out to one of my dearest friends, Diana Riser, who is dancing this year.

I used to work with Diana and I’ve followed her career as she has moved to Sarasota, then Miami, and up ’til now, where she is back in Boca running Pace Advertising. She’s only been back a year or so—but she is committed to helping the George Snow Scholarship Foundation in any way she can.

So I am encouraging any and all who know her (and who don’t!) to please come to her kick-off party Wednesday night Aug. 7 at Madison’s, 2006 NW Executive Center Circle in Boca Raton.

Or, you can make a donation at

Open your hearts and help us help these kids get to college. Diana, like the others, are dancing as fast as they can. And it’s helping  a whole new generation.

I will see you there!