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Dinosaurs to Invade the South Florida Science Center

Chris Pratt might not be headed to our neck of the woods anytime soon, but a Jurassic world certainly is.

Prehistoric science will come to life once again with “Dinosaur Invasion,” the new exhibit roaring into the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium this season. My daughter and I visited the dinosaurs the last time they came to town in 2015—they were so unbelievably lifelike that the Brontosaurus hanging outside the entrance gave me quite the fright when it started moving! Meanwhile, my 3-year-old was totally cool.

A Therizinosaurus lurks in the museum.

Running through April 21, 2019, this cutting-edge exhibit looks like something straight out of the recent Spielberg sequel. Featuring more than a dozen life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, these replicas roar, swing their tails, and scratch their claws to the delight of visitors. This time around, the apex predators will be “Bigger, Badder…and have More Teeth!”

Apparently the T. rex will even be twice as big as the last time he visited.

“Dinosaur Invasion” invites guests to travel back to an age when dinosaurs ruled our planet—no time machine required. The exhibit features a multi-layered narrative, fossils, authentic casts, cutting-edge research and immersive design elements. There are even activities for young children. The resulting story is a clearly painted picture about our prehistoric planet and its early inhabitants.

The author’s daughter coloring when the exhibit was last in town in 2015.

This traveling exhibit is in line with the Science Center’s mission to “open every mind to Science.” Visitors will learn about the history and timeline of the dinosaurs’ reign as well as the geology and geography associated with this period and climatology. We can’t wait until it opens on Oct. 13!

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4801 Dreher Trail North, West Palm Beach; 561/832-1988;; Adults: $16.95, kids (3-12) $12.95, and seniors (60+) $14.95.

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