Disney’s Youth Education Program Introduces Kids to Science and Seeds

Forget fancy rides and dazzling shows, Walt Disney World is working to educate local youths in a whole new way through their Disney Youth Programs.

Haven’t heard of Disney Youth Programs before? You’re not alone. They are valuable learning experiences for students that harness the power of Disney storytelling and the magic (insert pixie dust) of Disney parks.

For example, think “physics in action” while riding thrilling attractions with your class. Or, a project where you team up with your fellow students to solve conservation challenges. Career explorations in fields such as “Imagineering” are also offered. Not to mention performance opportunities, hands-on workshops and annual festivals. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “to be young again!”

The big news this fall is that Disney just announced a cool new addition to their unique learning opportunities that gives students the chance to turn Disney Parks into their classrooms. Starting in 2019, students can now uncover “The Science Behind the Seeds,” a program that explores sustainable food production and how emerging scientific methods can meet our future food needs.

Have I lost you? Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

The Science Behind the Seeds Program takes students through Living with the Land at Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort. It’s a hands-on exploration of how science, technology, sustainability and teamwork can combine to generate potential solutions to meet the needs of a growing population. If you want to “plant a seed” of interest in your child to see if they enjoy a scientific field like engineering, this is a program you should recommend to your local Boca school.

Through Science Behind the Seeds, students will learn how plans are cultivated, technologies that protect plants from pests and diseases without pesticides, and new techniques to grow plants without soil. They may even discover new fruits, vegetables and grains for their home gardens—paging Farmer Jay!

Science Behind the Seeds is a three-hour program offered to K-12 students in groups of 10 or more. Teachers and students can register for The Science Behind the Seeds, as well as learn about other educational opportunities available through Disney Youth Programs at Walt Disney World Resort, by visiting DisneyYouth.com.

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