Saturday, July 13, 2024

Does Boca Make the Grade

We asked experts in a number of areas—from finance to tourism—to give us an updated report card for the city. Here’s how we scored.*

Boca Raton calls itself a “city for all seasons.” It’s a nod to the year-round warm weather, but the slogan may be more boastful than that. It has the ring of a declaration that it is a well-rounded city with a high quality of life—and good things to offer to many people on many fronts. Let’s see about that. Boca Raton decided to pick the brains of experts in a variety of fields to really assess how well we do on crucial municipal benchmarks: at-tracting tourists, securing new jobs, urban planning, providing cultural opportuni-ties, protecting the environment and fostering healthy political discourse. The experts dissected the city. Some of what they said was laudatory. And other comments, well, not so much.

* The editorial team at Boca Raton administered the final grades.

To continue reading, please pick up a copy ofthe March/April Boca Raton magazine.

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