Eli S. Levine, MD


SPECIALTIES: Interventional & clinical cardiology, endovascular surgery, advanced cardiovascular imaging

UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION: Psychobiology and microbiology, UCLA

MEDICAL SCHOOL: Ross University with Honors


FELLOWSHIPS: Advanced cardiac imaging Yale University School of Medicine; cardiology, University of Colorado, Denver School of Medicine; interventional cardiology/endovascular surgery, LSU School of Medicine New Orleans

Triple board-certified cardiologist Dr. Eli Levine is the Founder of Advanced Heart & Vascular Institute in Boca Raton. With decades of prestigious medical training, expertise and clinical studies to his credit, Dr. Levine started a private practice from scratch, just four years ago. He made this change because he wanted to give more personalized and high-level care without the worries that come with being employed by major corporations, he shared.

“Practicing interventional cardiology and performing high-risk procedures are difficult enough; however, making the decisions as to what’s best for my patients were never difficult decisions. Since my family and I were personally touched by heart disease, I was even more inspired to treat each and every patient like my own family. Against all odds, in a very short period of time, I became one of the busiest cardiologists in South Palm Beach and am extremely proud to report that I’m one of the highest volume operators in the nation, being in the top 5% for volume of advanced coronary and endovascular procedures,” said Dr. Levine.


951 NW 13th St., Suite 5B, Boca Raton, FL 33486



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