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Facebook Groups Saving Boca’s Sanity During COVID-19

As a self-proclaimed extrovert, it has been HARD to deal with all of the recent social distancing mandates. I love my friends and the Boca Raton community my family has built. So does my “only child” daughter, and we’ve both struggled with not seeing anyone in person aside from each other (and my husband) for the past few weeks.  

However, as a local parenting blogger, I’ve also worked for years on building a local community online. And now because of this global pandemic, more and more people are seeking out interactive digital groups centered around their locations and personal interests.

One of my favorite ways to connect with friends, family and fellow Boca residents is through social media–Facebook groups specifically. I’m sure you’ve probably noticed an uptick in the amount of Facebook group invites you’ve received recently! And it makes sense because Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, even if it’s virtual for now. 

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite sanity-saving Facebook groups that have really gained traction during this challenging time. Some are old, some are new, but all are providing assistance, support and a safe community for Boca Raton residents!

Sanity Saving Facebook Groups to Join in Boca Raton

The ultimate resource for recommendations and Q&A for Boca Raton-area parents. Promotions are limited and helpful advice is encouraged in this Facebook group.

A group of folks looking to flash mob local restaurants by using takeout and delivery orders to keep them afloat during this turbulent time. There is strength in numbers… at a safe distance!

Feeling alone? Find comfort in being separated by 6 feet AND 6 degrees! This Facebook group is a safe space to celebrate, commiserate, support, entertain and distract.

Social distancing may not be fun, but what better way to enjoy some extra solo time than with a furry companion? The local humane society is using Facebook to help get animals adopted during quarantine. They’ve been offering virtual “Yappy Hours” to ask for donations and use the platform for followers to engage while social distancing together.

With so many small businesses working to stay viable during this pandemic, this group is encouraging them to post regular updates about their offerings. For example, a local yoga studio recently shared a link to free online classes and another member posted an invite to a virtual conference to help members think of conscious ways to reach their customers during this crisis. 

If you’re interested in starting your own Facebook group, consider doing so if:

  • You are an expert in something or feel you can lend support regarding a specific topic.
  • You could host “something online” – dance class, yoga class, worship service or a class on a topic that people might like to learn more about.  

Let’s get through this by building community together online… even while apart!

Michelle Olson-Rogers
Michelle Olson-Rogers
Michelle Olson-Rogers, a native to Boca, is the founder of, a lifestyle website for the stylish & modern South Florida Mommy. Modern Boca Mom features family events, activities, classes, fitness, dining, travel, home improvement and shopping options—as well as a weekly MOMpreneur spotlight! She and her husband Andrew have one daughter, Avery.

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