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Faces: Craig and Beth Peschl

Craig and Beth Peschl

Owners, Ellenville Garden Center

It’s the last place you’d expect in Boca Raton, land of high-end jewelers and gourmet restaurants. But at the corner of Federal Highway and 11th street, right across from Babione Funeral home, is a little piece of the way life used to be here, back before there was valet parking at Publix and Veuve Clicquot at selected gas stations.

Ellenville Garden Center is a tidy outdoors garden shop, adjacent to a 3,800-square foot country store, complete with a fireplace and a wide front porch with rocking chairs. It’s a throwback to Boca in another day, the day of Butts Bean Farm and U Pik’Ems out west.

It’s also the brainchild of Craig and Beth Peschl, owners of Atlantic Landscape of South Florida and longtime Boca Raton residents. Beth, 48, has been here for 28 years; Craig, 58, moved here when he was 3 months old, going to school at J.C. Mitchell all the way through Boca High. In fact, his grandparents owned one of the first fruit-shipping companies in the area, Boca Fruit Shippers.

The Peschls started Ellenville, which is named after the tiny Catskills town where Beth grew up on a chicken farm, about three years ago, selling Christmas trees and garden supplies.

“We had this property for about eight years—it was a vacant lot—and then we decided to open a garden center,” Beth says. “We thought Boca needed it.”

“We figured there’s nobody else in town [doing this],” Craig adds. “Boca doesn’t really have a garden center or a garden-center type setting.”

About a year ago, the couple decided to open a year-round Thursday night farmer’s market—and they haven’t looked back…

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