Monday, January 30, 2023

Farmer’s Table Takes Over Former Red Steakhouse Space

Joey Giannuzzi and Mitchell Robbins’s Farmer’s Table (1901 N. Military Trail, 561/417-5836) has been the hottest restaurant in Boca pretty much ever since they opened the doors late last year.

The hard-to-find (but surprisingly easy to get to) location that helped hasten the demise of Red the Steakhouse next door didn’t deter Table’s customers, who were (and still are) all over Giannuzzi’s brand of all-natural, healthy, organic and tasty fare like, well … brown on rice.

So much so, in fact, that the Table duo is taking over the old Red space with an eye to expanding its footprint and services. Boston-based Peter Niemitz is in charge of project design, which will include turning Red’s glassed-in wine room into the Farmer’s Table Wine Cellar, a private party space with seating for up to 50 that can also accommodate the restaurant’s overflow when nasty weather shuts down its capacious outdoor patio.

The cellar will be separated from the rest of the old Red space by telescoping barn doors, which will open onto a small plates-oriented bar and lounge. Giannuzzi says it will be a “social place,” with “comfort bar food” that follows the same healthy-natural philosophy as at the main restaurant, plus a large bar with TVs for watching sports, a selection of boutique wines and craft beers on tap, perhaps even live acoustic music.

They’ll be doing a little reconfiguring of the restaurant too, making the up-front cafe “a little more lounge-y,” in Giannuzzi’s words, and adding another reception area and an outdoor bar. If it sounds like Giannuzzi and Robbins have an awful lot on their table, they do. But that’s a problem most other local restaurateurs would be more than happy to have.

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