Farriss Farm’s Most Egg-cellent Eggs

An egg is an egg is an egg. . . until you’ve tasted Farriss Farm eggs.

A flock of some 60 “happy chickens” on Robert and Paula Farriss’s farm on the western outskirts of Palm Beach Gardens produces eggs that really are “farm fresh” and beat the mass-market eggs sold at your local supermarket like a tire iron does a cheap souffle. With their rich, golden yolks and whites that actually have flavor, they make even the simplest omelet or hard-boiled egg a treat.

The Farrisses began raising chickens for their eggs five years ago, starting with a handful of birds and adding to their flock as demand grew. Now, with the increased interest in farm-to-table eating (and in eating better-tasting food), their eggs are more popular than ever.

At $5 a dozen, they are more expensive the the supermarket variety, but their flavor and freshness (not to mention supporting local food producers) are well with it. So many people think so that you have to reserve your dozen(s) and either pick them up at the farm (for details go to http://www.farrissfarm.com/) or at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket every Saturday.

BTW, no animal on Farriss Farm gets eaten unless it doesn’t have a name. And Robert says: “They all have names.”