Fashion Dos and Dont’s Part 2

Here is even more of the fashion advice our experts from November’s “Fashion Voilà or Faux Pas?” story shared that didn’t make it into the magazine:

Detectable panty lines

Oreet: “This is what most people neglect. It is an absolute no. There is no charm about it. It is underwear, and it needs to stay underwear. Shapewear doesn’t have to be like it was for our moms. Shapewear is a must—the foundation for everything.”

Carrie: “The material of the pants can’t be an excuse. You really have to find the proper undergarments for the foundation of the outfit. Any department store is gonna have plenty of options.”

Robyne: “There’s absolutely no reason in 2010 to have panty lines. You could just kill the greatest outfit in the world. There’s an unbelievable choice of undergarments and shapewear.”

Going bra-less Oreet: “Regardless of your size, you absolutely need to wear a bra.” Carrie: “No, you gotta figure that out with those adhesive bra cups or keep a jacket on the entire time.” Robyne: “I think that in our heart of hearts every girl knows whether she can go braless.”

Shorter skirts to work

Oreet: “You always need to dress appropriate for your age. A person might have great legs—still. You want the skirt to hit at the narrowest part of your leg [knee, thigh or calf]. It will be more flattering.”

Carrie: “[Depends on] what kind of industry you’re working in. For the everyday office, no more than an inch or two above the knee.”

Robyne: “It depends if you’re working at a fashion magazine or you’re working at a bank. To me, there’s an age issue there too, and then there’s how great your legs are?”

Cuffed pants

Oreet: “If you’re tall enough and skinny enough you can do that. Otherwise it makes you look shorter—it breaks you up.” Carrie: “I do it myself to show off a shoe or a sandal. It’s definitely a casual style.” Robyne: “I think it’s very cute. It made its big resurgence with boyfriend jeans. It shows off a shoe in a great way. I think it’s a lot of fun.”

High-waisted pants

Oreet: “For hourglass [body types] and for shorter torsos, I would wear something like that.”

Carrie: “I think you have to have a thinner body for that.” Robyne: “I’m definitely not a fan of mom jeans. In the past couple seasons, we’ve seen rises come up a bit. It’s a tough look—not a fan.”

Distressed jeans Oreet: “As long as it is appropriate for the place you go.” Carrie: “Distressed is more trendy, younger. It depends on what mood you’re trying to send off to people.” Robyne: “The biker chick in me likes that. Done with some tailored pieces on top, could be great.”

Bright pants Oreet: “You need to ask yourself, ‘Where do you want the attention to be?’ If you have great legs, wear red jeans.” Carrie: “It’s best best-suited for younger people high-school to college.” Robyne: “For me, they look like you’re going to play golf.”

Flip-flops Oreet: “To the beach. It’s not for school, it’s not for meetings, not for anywhere—it’s for the beach.” Carrie: “I love flip-flops, but not for work. But some sandals are OK depending on the industry.” Robyne: “I’m a huge flip-flop fan. I don’t know how anybody could live here and not have some flip-flops. But I can’t stand those huge rubber things with crystals and peace signs.”

Harem pants Oreet: “If you’re a triangle [body shape], it will camoflauge your bottom area. If your legs are best, you dont want to conceal them with pants like that.” Carrie: “It’s coming back again. We’re moving away from the skinny. If you’re wearing a full pant, you probably want to wear a more fitted top.”Robyne: “We love baggy pants in this store. You need confidence, and you need to know how to wear them.”

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