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Fashion Forward: stadium standout

It’s finally college football season, and in true LL Scene fashion, we are featuring our favorite “stadium standout” looks that will have you feeling cool, comfortable and stylish no matter what team you cheer for.

It doesn’t take a lot to be a stadium standout, but we do have a couple rules when it comes to college football fashion. One of our biggest: eliminate the logo t-shirt. Your everyday bookstore tee is totally acceptable while lounging around the house, going to the gym or running errands, but not ideal for game day. It’s a sartorial faux pas to throw on a t-shirt and call it an outfit if you plan on attending a game or watching with friends at a bar. That being said, we will accept a vintage style logo tee, or tank.

Think solid colors, complementary accessories and jewelry. When it comes to shoes, you’ll want to be comfortable with flat sandals, boots and/or closed toed shoes (especially if you’re tailgating.)

As some of you may know, Lindsey and Lilly are both FSU fans, so we are featuring our favorite Seminole looks and boutiques in today’s post.

Do you root for another big Florida school? It was a difficult task, but we wouldn’t leave our sports-loving fashionistas hanging…even if they don’t cheer for the Noles.

Florida State University

It’s no secret that the girls of Florida State know how to dress on game day. However, Seminole standouts have an advantage because of the amount of resources and themes available to them on a regular basis. You can’t walk into a trendy boutique without seeing an arrow necklace, fringe, or feathers. Burgundy was named one of the colors to watch in fall, so garnet can be found in any department store you shop in this year.

University of Florida

Fact: We have been to football games and have witnessed girls walk from tailgate to tailgate wearing high heels. This may or may not have happened in Gainesville…we’ll never tell! Don’t do it. It screams that you’re trying too hard. If you’re not on national television reporting the game from the sidelines, stay away from the high heels. Orange and blue are really hard colors to pull off, but somehow the girls at UF tackle them glamorously. We suggest wearing one solid color and accessorizing with the other. A royal blue dress paired with orange hair accessories is always a good look. Boutiques in Gainesville are fully stocked with everything you need to be a stadium standout at UF.

University of Central Florida

With colors like black and gold, UCF fashionistas probably have it the easiest. If you’re planning on tailgating, going to a game and then going out afterwards, get an outfit that can be functional on and off campus. You can get away with mixing and matching colors, patterns and textures with black and gold. Depending on the shade, yellow can also work well. While black tends to bring on a little heat, it’s always a go-to color if you’re in need of something that will flatter your assets. Embrace these colors because most schools don’t have it so easy!

University of Miami

Miami fans have it rough 100% of the time during football season because they never get a break from the heat. On average, a game day in Miami can get up to 95 degrees. That being said, we recommend choosing comfort over anything else. White is an acceptable color that will keep you cool and fashionable the same time. Enhance this look with green shoes and orange embellishments for completion. Like UF, UM doesn’t have the best color combination, so we recommend sticking to a solid color and accessorizing around that.

Florida Atlantic University

FAU has really turned up their game the past couple of years, which excites a lot of Boca locals. This also gives FAU students a reason to tailgate and enjoy a true college experience. The ladies of FAU have wasted no time becoming stadium standouts. They seem to gravitate to red and blue chevron patterns. The two colors can be easily mixed, matched and blended into your everyday look. And, the owl is a huge jewelry trend right now, so take advantage of that when you dress for game day this fall.


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Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins are best friends and founders of LLScene, a fashion and lifestyle blog based in South Florida. Sharing the same enthusiasm for style and lifestyle trends, the ladies of LLScene bring an influential twist to “20-30 somethings” looking for a little more in life. Lindsey is a newlywed with a passion for innovative fashion movements and Florida State football. Lilly is a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader with a desire to further her philanthropic work and brand lifestyle concepts. Until they’re fortunate enough to have children of their own, Lindsey & Lilly will continue to enjoy being “dog moms” to Bentley & Duke.

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