Gifts for Every Type of Dad This Father’s Day

Summer holidays are some of our favorites and we can’t leave out our dads this Father’s Day, and we’ve got something for every dad in your life this year!

For the Dad to Be

Daddy Swag Gift Set















Dads-to-be deserve a Father’s Day gift? Of course they do! Get them excited for fatherhood with Daddy & Co’s Daddy Swag Gift Set that will get the special dad in your life prepared for anything. A set of DaddyScrubs, included in the set, ensures the expectant dad will be ready and comfortable for the big moment. The “I’m the Daddy” white tee gives dad a stylish and comfortable option for after baby is born and for the many exciting days ahead. Dad will be sure to let everyone at work know he’s a new daddy with his “I’m the Daddy” coffee mug—and have a spot for his much needed caffeine. The “I’m the Daddy” hat (maybe blue or black) and sunglasses will show everyone just how proud he is of his new baby when out on walks or playing in the park. All of this comes packed in one of their Daddy diaper packs! Finally, he can show his proud daddy status with stickers, pens, and magnets included in the set.


For the New Dad

ab to jayz dada









New dads deserve love too! More often than not, a dad-to-be takes a back seat during pregnancy and shortly after the baby is born too, but they deserve a little something this Father’s Day too! Check out “DADA” by Jimmy Fallon and “AB to Jay-Z”—we have a ton of friends that recently had babies and on every coffee table you will find these books as gifts given specifically to the dads. Who doesn’t love a funny pop-culture guide to dad-hood? 


For the Dog Dad

Bentley and Pup SocksSince we don’t have kids of our own yet, dog dad gifts will have to do, and we know a lot of you out there will appreciate this gift. Lindsey surprised her husband with a pair of Pup Socks with their dog, Bentley’s face on them. All you have to do is upload a photo of your pup or cat to the website and they will customize their face on a pair of socks for you! How fun! Give the dad dog in your life a good laugh this year.


For the Shoe-Loving Dad

WhiskersGone are the days of the “sloppy dad” look. With so many stylish options for men these days, it’s no surprise that companies like Whiskers Laces have stepped up the shoe game with a number of unique shoelaces. Their philosophy is that shoelaces won’t change your life, but they will change your shoes. And that’s the best place to start.


For the Dad Who Need Some TLC

The Heavy HitterIt may be difficult to get dad to take care of himself the way he deserves, but the company, Hims gives you the opportunity to subtly help dad in this category. Hims is a men’s wellness brand that helps guys get the products they need, for skin, hair, and more.


For the Traveling Dad

Weekender (1)

Here’s a Lacoste carry-on weekender bag he definitely won’t be ashamed of. It’s not one of those in-your-face bags, so the dad in your life will feel comfortable bringing it anywhere. This is for the guy on the go that doesn’t want to compromise his sense of style.

For the Stylish Dad

Spring Break Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set.Getting dressed up with dad got a little easier with The Tie Bar’s Spring Break Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set. A bow tie and pocket square, they’re the perfect accessories for the gent with a well-suited wardrobe who just needs a pep, pairs gingham and regal green plaid handsomely.


For the Techie Dad

FitbitSome dads are all about channeling their inner techie and becoming “one with the kids,”—at least that’s how our dads are, so we plan on giving them a techie gift this year. Not only that, our dads are more conscious about their health and staying up-to-date with everything going on on their lives. Why not surprise them with a Fitbit? They’re affordable, not flashy, and give them all the information they need!


For the Fit Dad

PelatonSpeaking of the fit dad, this is the ultimate gift for dad this year, but you need to be willing to splurge a little, but this is also a gift that keeps on giving as well. What we mean by that is…you can enjoy the perks of a Pelaton Bike too. We’ve been wanting to dive into the world of Pelaton for quite some time now, and if you have a fitness enthusiast dad in your life and a little money to spare, this gift will put you at the top of his list for life.


On behalf of ourselves and the Boca mag family, we wish you and your amazing fathers a very Happy Father’s Day! Our dads do so much for us every day, so we’re excited to surprise them with some of these gifts on our list this year.

(Feature photo by Steven Van Loy on Unsplash)

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