Sunday, April 14, 2024

Five & Dime Lunches at Tryst

I stopped by Tryst (4 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, 561/921-0201) for lunch the other day – actually it was for a bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese for an upcoming Boca Challenge. Don’t want to give away too much but it was a damn fine bowl of M ‘n’ C, just the right creamy-cheesy consistency, with lots of little bits of ultra-smoky Nueske’s bacon.

With it I had a small baby spinach salad, duded up with plenty of creamy blue cheese and candied pecans in a tangy mustard dressing. It was a very good salad and a very good meal. . . and here’s the best part. The mac and the salad cost five bucks apiece.

Both were part of Tryst’s “Five & Dime” lunch menu, more than two dozen items selling for either $5 or $10. On the five-dollar side were dishes like smoked fish dip, heirloom tomato salad, fries, my mac ‘n’ cheese and desserts like chocolate pot du créme and banana bread pudding.

On the $10 side were cheese and salami platters, burgers, fish tacos and assorted sammies, and more entrée-type dishes like fish ‘n’ chips and chicken pad thai. I’m told the menu is about to change but most of those dishes will probably stick around.

What was really kind of disconcerting (and an indication just how back the local restaurant economy is) was that I was virtually the only person in there at noon on a gloriously warm and sunny Thursday. I’m sure things are better at dinner but still, $10 for a tasty, filling lunch prepared with care of quality ingredients is a pretty impressive deal. I just hope Tryst and all our good restaurants can stick around long enough for folks to take advantage of them.

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