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Five Elements Medical Spa & Wellness Center Pioneers Luxury and Wellness in Deerfield Beach

Could Deerfield Beach potentially become the new Boca? Ornela Rothermel and Diana Ustayev, local entrepreneurs, are spearheading this transformation with their latest endeavor, the Five Elements Medical Spa & Wellness Center. Located within the bustling Cove Shopping Center, a hub for retail, dining, and business in Deerfield Beach, this establishment promises an unmatched luxury experience.

“I believe that Deerfield Beach is an untapped community,” shared Ornela, a resident of Boca Raton who recognized the lack of wellness venues in Deerfield and Boca. “This area is stunning, situated right by the marina and just a short stroll from the beach. The community here is incredibly welcoming.”

Cold plunge at Five Elements Medical Spa & Wellness Center
Amenities at Five Elements Medical Spa & Wellness Center

For the sisters, Five Elements has been a labor of love. Prior to this venture, they operated a home health and hospice company in Pennsylvania for a decade. In 2021, they acquired Deerfield’s former Royal Fiesta event center and embarked on a year-and-a-half-long renovation. This extensive project involved a complete overhaul, including a new roof, exterior enhancements, plumbing, electrical upgrades, and landscape enhancements. Today, the building stands as an “earthy yet elegant” oasis, designed to reflect the “five elements” of its namesake: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

Ornela emphasizes the importance of encompassing all these elements to achieve a balanced mind, body, and soul. “What better way to embrace the universal elements?”

Five Elements offers a diverse selection of treatments and indulgences, ranging from specialized massages, facials, body scrubs, wraps, waxing, and lash tints to a Holistic Center featuring acupuncture, sound vibrational therapy, Earth crystal chakra balancing, meditation, fire cupping, and Reiki energy balancing. Every treatment includes access to the Elements Wellness Room, equipped with amenities including a steam room, sauna, Hydro-Jet therapeutic Jacuzzi, and a cold plunge. Relax in the Pink Himalayan Salt lounge in your robe and slippers as you unwind after your services. The spa also added permanent makeup options, including powder brows and microblading, to its service menu.

Five Elements doubles as a medical spa, providing Botox, Dysport, dermal fillers, facial balancing, IV hydration, Morpheus treatments, and Lumecca skin rejuvenation. This extensive range of services aligns with the sisters’ vision of becoming a “one-stop shop for beauty and wellness.”

Ornela highlights the positive impact of feeling good about one’s appearance in daily life. “If someone wishes to explore options like Botox or skin tightening to feel more rejuvenated and youthful, why not? It significantly influences your day-to-day life.”

As Five Elements increasingly integrates itself within the Deerfield Beach community, the sisters have faced a common misconception: that they must have come from privileged backgrounds or married well to establish such a luxurious business. Ornela firmly dispels this notion, stating, “Our parents were immigrants who arrived here with nothing. We are self-made, having worked tirelessly to build our lives. We’ve invested our all in this place, and it’s incredibly rewarding when people express that they’ve had the most relaxing time here.”

Five Elements Medical Spa and Wellness Center is located at 1680 S.E. 3rd Court, Deerfield Beach. To make inquiries or schedule appointments, please call 954/531-0070 or visit its website at

This post is sponsored by Five Elements Medical Spa & Wellness Center.

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