Float8 Wellness Lounge Expanding to Fort Lauderdale

No sound, no light, no gravity—just 90 minutes of nothingness. 

At Float8, customers have been enjoying this during float therapy for two years. And it’s been so popular, in fact, that the owners are opening a second location in Fort Lauderdale.

“The people who come in to float are also unique and come in for totally different reasons,” says Destiny Beck, who owns the lounge with her husband, Matt. “We have stressed, busy moms that come in…we have a lot of firemen that float, a lot of vets, definitely a lot of athletes. We have a lot of people that come in for anxiety.”

Float8’s second lounge will be opening its doors in Fort Lauderdale’s growing 13th Street neighborhood, alongside businesses like Warsaw Coffee, Milk Money Bar, Gulfstream Brewing and Buck & Beard ⁣Barbershop. Nearby neighborhoods include Flagler Village, the Mass District and Wilton Manors.

“There’s a lot that’s opening right now,” Beck says. “I really like the energy and I know they’ve been trying to make that area more walkable as well.”

The common area at Float8

After opening their first location in Deerfield Beach two years ago, almost 5,000 individual customers have taken to Float8’s float tanks to reap the benefits of the stillness the therapy offers. The location has four float tanks, and clients float naked (the water is filtered five times between floaters and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt keeps anything from growing) for 90 minutes in a light-proof pod located in a sound-proof room. By removing stimuli and taking pressure off your body, many find that it eases their busy minds and helps with pain.

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But if the idea of being in a pod is what’s causing anxiety, don’t worry—some people opt to leave the lights on or keep the top on the pod lifted. At the Fort Lauderdale location, there will be a deluxe pod that is about twice the size of their current ones.

Once a month, Float8 hosts overnight full moon floats for eight hours. Eventually, they would like to be open 24 hours, which would accomodate people in the service industry and off hours.

As one of the only places in South Florida with multiple float tanks, the community was excited about the idea of floating and “right away we had some really loyal supporters,” Beck says, and much of their clients have come through referrals. For those with a membership at the Deerfield Beach location, they’ll be able to utilize it at either lounge. Floaters will also find a rotating art gallery, kombucha on tap, and spa and CBD products.

A woman uses the float tank at Float8

The Becks hope to have their new location in Fort Lauderdale open by January 2020.

“This weekend we were fully booked with five or six people on the waitlist each day. It’s summer, so it should technically be our slow down,” Beck says. “We’re just really grateful that so many people have taken to floatation therapy.”

Float8, 616 SE 10th St., Deerfield Beach; 754/666-3588; float8ion.com