Travel Tips to Occupy Your Boca Kids From Takeoff to Landing

Photo courtesy Michelle Olson-Rogers
Photo courtesy Michelle Olson-Rogers

Flying in and out of Fort Lauderdale frequently over the years has definitely gleaned me some hilarious…and horrible travel stories.

I remember the first time I took my daughter Avery on a plane, she had a huge blowout and I became that mom changing her kid on the tray table. I felt so bad for my fellow passengers. Or there was that time the in-flight entertainment system didn’t work. Cue the airborne toddler tantrum!

Air travel definitely has its ups and downs, literally and figuratively. If you’re thinking of flying your family out of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport this summer, then boy do we have some fun travel facts for you! One of my dream airlines (you know, one that you’ve heard about, but haven’t had the chance to fly yet?), Emirates, conducted a U.S. survey on Family Travel and found that flyers in FLL are the least willing in the country to sit next to kids on an airplane.

What?! Our perfect little Boca travel angels?

It’s no secret that many people—including me—try to avoid sitting near children to ensure peace and quiet in transit. But, Emirates found that the average traveller’s willingness to sit near kids on a flight truly depends on how long the trip is. According to the survey, a flight 10 hours or longer is the magic number, while 61 percent of fliers would say N-O to sitting next to kids then…and I honestly can’t blame them. Children are a travel wild card.

Another fun fact to come out of this survey is that travelers in Fort Lauderdale are also the most concerned about keeping their kids entertained throughout a long flight. That’s definitely one of my ever present travel concerns. But I have to admit, it’s getting easier as my daughter gets older.

Photo courtesy Michelle Olsen-Rogers
Photo courtesy Michelle Olson-Rogers

But on the bright side, I now feel like our summer flight to New England is no big deal! The Emirates Cabin Crew experts and I have some tips to ensure your Boca kids are occupied from takeoff to landing!

  • For parents flying with babies, try to choose a flight that is as close as possible to their bedtime. The hope is that they’ll sleep through most of the flight.
  • For small children, keep one new toy aside to give them mid-flight to ensure they don’t grow bored with the ones they already have.
  • For kids of all ages, find ways to break up activities during the flight. Don’t depend solely on games or videos. Pack a small puzzle, coloring book or interactive toy in addition to devices or in-flight entertainment systems. Use time between shows or movies to try something different.
  • While your kids are awake, take brief strolls and take advantage of their good moods. This will help them stretch and break up the time between activities in their seats, and hopefully help to prevent a restless-child meltdown. That’s no fun for anyone.

I’m already feeling more travel-ready thanks to these tips! But is anyone now thinking about switching their flights to Palm Beach?


(Feature photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash)

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