Food Films Worth Salivating Over: From India to Animation

food films
Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

My last column about food films focused on “Big Night” and “Babette’s Feast.” Here are two more that stand out in the genre: one a romantic comedy, and the other a wonderful animated film.

“The Lunchbox”

In honor of Indian actor Irrfan Khan, who died on April 29, I’m recommending “The Lunchbox,” a sweet 2013 film about a housewife who puts notes in her husband’s lunchbox. She also makes some wonderful dishes, but the point is the notes end up in someone else’s hands and a long-distance friendship results. The Indian food in the film is lush, spicy, beautiful and leaves the viewer wanting lunch in little round, metal boxes every day. Directed and written by Ritesh Batra, it received multiple worldwide awards and nominations. 


The idea that an animated film can make us crave food is an unusual one, and yet “Ratatouille” manages to do just that. It’s a family film, layered with stories for both children and adults, along with more than a pinch of deliciousness. Pixar made this film and actor Patton Oswalt is the voice of Remy, a rat who longs to be a chef. He gets his wish, and then things really get crazy. Worth watching for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is that you’ll be very hungry at the end.