Food Trucks Coming to Old School Square

The food truck fad has officially taken root in Palm Beach County. If you need one more bit of proof, head over to Delray’s Old School Square on Friday, Oct. 14, when more than a dozen local and almost-local food truckers will be dishing their wares at the first of two-and-a-half months’ worth of free weekly concerts.

The festivities begin at 7 p.m. with “crossover Country” artist Amber Leigh and her band, as well as 15 food trucks selling everything from ice cream to burgers to barbecue. Among the locals will be Curbside Gourmet and the just-launchedStocked N Loaded from former Café Boulud chef David Rashty.

Among the others will be Broward’s BC Tacos and Miami faves Latin Burger, Slow Food Truck and one of the founding truckers of the SoFla movement, Jeremiah Bullfrog’s Gastropod. Just remember to bring cash, an umbrella (the weather’s been pretty iffy lately), and lots and lots of patience. These guys may be serving gourmet fast food but given their typically long, snail-like lines, actually getting something to eat is anything but fast.