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Four South Florida Boss Babes You Need to Follow

The hustle is real, especially with women in South Florida, and we’re so lucky to have the opportunity to be surrounded by a bunch of successful bad a$$ boss babes.

Between the connections we make in the blogging world to the networking opportunities we have through the PR side of our business, we are constantly learning from inspirational women. Whether it’s women working within the community to raise awareness for a special cause, or simply killing it in the “real world,” these are the boss babes getting our attention these days:

Durée Ross

There’s nothing we love more than connecting with women in our industry, especially when they’re women who “get it.” You know what we’re talking about—the women who empower one another to grow and collaborate rather than being competitive and malicious. This brings us to one of those women who “get it:” Durée Ross, the founder of Durée & Company.

Ross is a South Florida Native who founded the company in 1999 and today it has offices in Fort Lauderdale and Aspen, Colorado. They’re in the business of getting the media’s attention. With clients ranging from nonprofits, restaurants, lifestyle, entertainment, travel and medical, Durée & Company specializes in turning the normal into the news. Ross has more than 20 years of trusted experience and it shows.

There are so many reasons why we respect Ross and her team of fabulous ladies, but one of our favorite things is their ability to brand themselves. In an industry where you’re laser-focused on branding your clients, it’s easy to lose sight of branding your own business, but Ross and her team have it all covered. Their social media content is professional, fun and on-point!

Kier Mellour

In today’s day and age, everyone is trying to be an “influencer” or “expert in their field,” but Kier Mellour is actually doing it and doing it very well. Located in Delray Beach, Mellour blogs about environMENTAL fashion, beauty, travel and all things luxury. In addition to blogging, her true passion lies within saving and bettering the environment with her newest Instagram account, @ecobikinigirl, which brings awareness to plastic pollution and local beach cleanups (she aims to do 100 every year!).

Lynn Aronberg

We’d be lying if we said Lynn Aronberg didn’t light a flaming fire of inspiration under us on a regular basis. She is the mover, shaker and face behind Lynn Aronberg Public Relations, another amazing boutique public relations agency with locations in Palm Beach, New York, Los Angeles, and London. Specializing in media relations and special events, LAPR has quickly become one of the most trusted and sought-after agencies to liaise with top media outlets for editorial product placement, corporate public relations, event press, and brand development. With personal and professional placements in national media outlets such as The Today Show, Fox News, Shape Magazine, and Allure Magazine, Aronberg is the media queen of our times.

One of Aronberg’s most recent and noteworthy accomplishments is her nomination for the 2019 Woman of the Year by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. With this nomination, she’s aiming to raise as much as possible in 10 weeks to aid in blood cancer research. In pursuit of this goal, Aronberg recently hosted a Slim Aarons-Style Brunch at The Mar-a-Lago Club and raised more than $60,000 for the charity’s Palm Beach chapter (you can still donate to the LLS Woman of the Year Campaign).

She’s a philanthropist with beauty, brains, and ambition, and she’s single fellas (just sayin’). Aronberg brings a whole new meaning to the word “socialite.”

Local Mom Scoop

South Florida is filled with female entrepreneurs paving the way and changing the game when it comes to being a stay-at-home mom. The term “mom blogger” should not be taken lightly when referring to Heather McMechan from Local Mom Scoop. She is one of the first mom bloggers in the South Florida community and does so much more than just mom blogging.

Local Mom Scoop was created to not only be a resource for South Florida moms but to also make Heather feel part of a mom tribe.

“Moms need other moms to help each other as we navigate this amazing and crazy journey of motherhood,” McMechan says. “That’s why I share the scoop about local events, travel, dining, kids, and parenting so they can feel a sense of connection to their community.”

Local Mom Scoop turned 5 years old and is becoming one of the hottest resources for moms in South Florida. McMechan has created CarLine Conversations, where she goes live on Facebook and IGTV while in the car line at school, sharing the latest on her motherhood fails or successes. Her newest show, “Live From The Playroom” showcases the latest and greatest brands out there on Facebook, IGTV, and YouTube.

Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins
Lindsey Swing and Lilly Robbins are two girls dedicated to fashion, beauty, and all things that make up a glamorous lifestyle. LLScene is a fashion and lifestyle blog with a lot of layers. Lindsey and Lilly are South Florida Influencers with expertise and a glamorous lifestyle, which provides a different take on lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brands. In addition to their blog and social media following, LLScene provides PR and marketing services for businesses looking to enhance their on and offline presence. Lindsey has a passion for innovative fashion movements and Florida State football, and Lilly is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader with a desire to further her philanthropic work and brand lifestyle and beauty concepts. Until they're fortunate enough to have children of their own, Lindsey and Lilly will continue to grow their business and take their "dog mom" roles to Bentley and Duke very seriously.

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