Valuable Tips for Freezing Perishable Food


Important tips for freezing eggs, dairy, and more

What we hope: Greenmarkets and restaurants will magically open again one day, fully stocked and operational.

What will really happen: None of that will happen in the short term. After that, we will see markets and restaurants (maybe) open on a partial basis, although as restaurateur Rodney Mayo (Howley’s, Dada, Kapow, Dubliner) told me last week, he doesn’t think any of his venues could survive having 50 percent fewer seats. 

Whatever happens, we know we don’t have long to stock up on local farm produce because crop production for the wonderful fruits and vegetables we’re getting now is ending in the next month or so. 

My suggestion: Get out there and find local farms selling retail now (see the chart here), buy a bountiful box for yourself for $10, buy a box for a friend or two. If you can – pay for a box for the car behind you. Be generous and kind.

Then take your box home and plan some meals. You may have a lot more than you can use before it goes bad, which is where this info about freezing everything (yes, eggs, dairy, meat, bread, seafood, fruits and veggies, herbs) comes in handy from The New York Times’ writer Melissa Clark.

Plus, check out this information about how long things stay edible in your fridge with the Foodkeeper App from No more excuses for tossing things because they surprised you and went bad.