How to Make Tomato Sauce with Fresh Homegrown Tomatoes

Photo by Lars Blankers on Unsplash

Despite Fred and Ginger’s famous dancing argument, it doesn’t really matter how you say it: Garden-ripened tomatoes are the soul of summer. No one said—sang—it better than Guy Clark:

Play this song while you make tomato sauce from your homegrown tomatoes. Because guaranteed, if you’re growing them, you’ll have plenty—enough to  make a sauce, besides all the other things Clarke mentions. I like this recipe because even though it takes some time to reduce the water out of the tomatoes, it’s passive time: You don’t have to stand over it. I like the condensed richness of tomato flavor and the suggestion to freeze it in useable portions instead of steam-canning it makes it easy to use for months so you can have that fresh tomato flavor all year round. 

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