Thursday, December 1, 2022

From the Magazine: By the Slice

To make summer’s freshest pizza, ditch the dough and begin with a cool “crust” of juicy watermelon. Cut a 1-inch-thick disc of melon and then cut it into pizza-like, wedge-shaped slices. Then pile on the toppings. For a mouthwatering, naturally sweet pie, pile your watermelon slices with shredded coconut, chopped mint, mixed fresh berries, Greek yogurt and slivered almonds.

First, spread the yogurt to cover the fruit of the melon, leaving enough room to hold the rind as you eat. Then, add this recipe’s ingredients or get creative with your own fresh-picked toppings. You can put them all on yourself, or create a topping bar for your guests to mix, match and enjoy.

This story is from the July/August 2022 issue of Boca magazine. For more like this, click here to subscribe to the magazine.

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