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Fuel Economy

Most of us have been noticing with concern the rising fuel prices lately. Sadly, not only will the rising fuel costs affect our own cost of driving, but it always increases the costs of everything else that has to be transported from one location to another.

So, it can really put a crimp in our budgets. I thought this was a good time to re-post some fuel economy tips to help a bit.

I know many of us would love to be able to replace our vehicles with hybrids or possibly even electric cars that are less expensive to operate.  But let’s face it – taking on a new car payment is daunting to most of us. But there are several affordable things we can do to get the optimal gas mileage from our vehicles.

1) Make sure the tires are properly inflated. According to, gas mileage can increase by 3.3% with properly inflated tires. In addition, properly inflated tires are safer and will last longer, thus saving you more money.  Other sources indicate that you should follow the vehicle’s owner’s handbook for the proper inflation. Sometimes the sticker on the door will also tell you what that should be.

2) Keep your vehicle properly aligned.  When a vehicle pulls to one side, not only does it cause early wear on the tires, but it also creates more drag on the engine, thus using more fuel.

3) Clear out the trunk of unnecessary weight. Additional weight in the vehicle will cause more fuel consumption.

4) Remove roof racks that are not used regularly. Even an empty bicycle/cargo/ski rack will take away from the aerodynamics of the vehicle and increase fuel consumption.

5) Keep your car clean and waxed. A smooth surface offers less wind resistance and will aid in fuel economy.

6) Don’t drive aggressively!  Rapid speeding up and braking can cost you up to 33% increase in fuel consumption on the highway and up to 5% increase in town!

7) Routine vehicle maintenance:   Change your oil according to your vehicle manufacturer’s service schedule and use the correct grade of oil. This can improve gas mileage by up to 2%.  Additional routine maintenance helps as well, making sure all filters are replaced regularly.

8) This one is challenging is Florida, but try to avoid purchasing gas during the heat of the day! Gas is more dense (more concentrated) when it is cooler, so you’ll get more for your money.

9) Don’t top off the tank!  Excess gas evaporates so when the pump clicks off, remove the nozzle. However, before removing the nozzle, twist it slightly so it is upside down and tap it a few times. This will allow whatever gas is still in there to go into your tank instead of the person behind you. Plus it keeps it from running down the side of your car.

10) Make sure the gas cap is tightened. A loose gas cap will cause gas to evaporate. And, in many vehicles, it will cause your “check engine” light to come on, which might cost unnecessary repairs. If you lose your gas cap, it’s suggested that you purchase a new one from the manufacturer to ensure a proper fit.

11) Last but not least, consider a gas rebate card. Many companies offer cash rebates on gas purchases. However, be sure the price at the pump will still make it a better deal. If that oil company has far higher prices than another station nearby, it may not be your best option.

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