FUN Wines Are Colorful, Inexpensive, Unusual… and Fun

fun wine
FUN wines hard bubbly collection and carrying case, photo by Lynn Kalber

The newest collection of FUN wines has Hard Bubbly bottles: Sangria, cappuccino chardonnay, coconut chardonnay, strawberry rose Moscato, peach passion Moscato and espresso cabernet. 

They aren’t like regular wine, but they’re not meant to be. CEO and Founder Joe Peleg of Miami wanted to introduce a younger non-wine-drinking crowd to an appealing wine-based drink. He wanted to try new flavors, make it inexpensive and fun to look at. He has succeeded in all those goals with this wildly colored set of sparkling drinks.

They are all sweet, some more than others, even the espresso cabernet. The wine is the first ingredient, but after that are natural flavors (coconut, peach, monk fruit) and they are there in taste, too, although not overpowering. 

The drinks are light and casual, with about 5 percent ABV, and 59 calories per 5 oz. glass. That’s for the 750 ml bottle (same size and shape as a regular wine bottle; $5.99), but these also come in cottle size, which is a 330 ml size that looks like a miniature wine bottle, except in aluminum. 

All are prime for including in your beach-day cooler, or for putting in an ice bucket on your home bar. The packaging is artwork by noted graffiti artist Miguel Paredes, meant to evoke Miami’s bold art and fashion sense, and it does. 

You can find them at some liquor stores in SoFla, and the Hard Bubbly flavors were just introduced on Jan. 1. It’s a fun way to start a new year.

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