Saturday, January 28, 2023

Gabriella Wimmer’s “The Royals”

Nestled on the eighth floor of Miami Beach’s Soho Beach House is The Library. It’s a private alcove with an ocean view. With its dark wood cabinetry, rugged leather couch and antique-looking velvet pillows, it feels like the headquarters of a secret society – privy to a few select members, and the perfect location forGabriella Wimmer to debut her newest handbag collection: The Royals.

The collection is composed of a beautiful set of jewelry handbags, created from start to finish in Italy. As a handbag designer, Wimmer has always dreamed of incorporating jewelry into her line. She picked up a love for jewels while living in the Middle East, where diamonds are of the essence. Now, that dream has come into fruition.

There’s the Shooting Stars Duchess, a large clutch covered in six carats of diamonds; the Imperial Garden, a hand-engraved and hand-painted minaudière; the Contessa, an edgy modular clutch with bronze side panels; the Marquise pieces, with removable mixed-metal straps that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet; and the Duchess.

Each piece is created with incredible exotic leathers, straight from an Italian tannery Wimmer toured herself. In fact, she toured a number of tanneries in the country until she found the perfect one. You won’t find a mark or scratch on any of the leather panels, all of which are impossibly soft and smooth.

Her creations are inspired by her travels, where she often finds herself taking photos of textures and details, rather than sceneries. She was born in the Bahamas, went to school in the U.S. and has lived in Europe and – as mentioned earlier – the Middle East.

All her experiences helped influence the pieces she drew out in her sketchbook, or as she called it, the contents of her soul. To view all her incredible pieces, visit

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