French Couple Brings Paris to Boca Raton at Gourmet Market

Boca has a new gourmet market!

Aptly named Gourmet Market, it is a small, charming French deli and market off of Federal Highway in Boca Raton. The proprietors, Cathy and Nicolas Vernet, are fresh from Paris with a background in the French food industry and decided to bring the taste of their home to South Florida.

It’s a fun place and good for a fresh healthy lunch—my salmon and spinach quiche was tasty, as was the side salad using organic greens and imported French Dijon mustard and extra virgin olive oil. At the market, you’ll find that the cheeses are authentic, pates are the real thing, and bread is baked daily. The desserts are also homemade; light and delicious. If you speak French you must visit, it’s a hangout for those who do! If you are looking for quality French foods try this small but immaculate little market.

Gourmet Market, 2800 N. Federal Highway, 561/ 609-2686;