Thursday, September 29, 2022

Graduations for Everyone

I’ve been to my fair share of graduation ceremonies and celebrations over the years. Mostly college, mind you, and they’re always filled with much pomp and circumstance, inspirational (and sometimes YouTube-worthy) speeches and appropriate, well-earned scholarly honors.

Now as a parent of a little one in Boca Raton, I’m finding out that high school and college graduations are only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, you may be celebrating your mini “grad” 5-10 times depending on how early you enroll them in an educational day program and how far they take their studies.

Just look at your Facebook feed if you’re reading this in disbelief. In the past week or so alone, I’ve personally attended or been invited to a high school graduation at Lynn University, a kindergarten graduation for my Goddaughter, a tot time moving up ceremony for my daughter, a fifth grade graduation, an 8th grade moving up ceremony, and a symbolic candle lighting ceremony, where the senior high school class at Grandview Preparatory School passed on their light (literally and metaphorically) to the junior class.

Has May become a time for graduation for every child in the City of Boca Raton? It sure feels like it!

Like baby showers and children’s birthdays, graduation has also become a lucrative occasion for companies to market pricey party supplies, gifts and mementos to unsuspecting, adoring parents. And in Boca Raton, let’s be honest—we eat up any excuse to celebrate our kiddos.

“Congrats grad!” “You did it grad!” We say to our 3-year-olds…

For me, only time will tell if the novelty of graduation ever wears off. I honestly hope seeing my daughter in a cap and gown will be even more meaningful and special in 2031 than it is in 2016. The stakes (and tuition) will certainly be higher. Until then, happy graduation to all who are celebrating this year for the first time, the last or somewhere in between!


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