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Handbag Designer Julie Feldman Trunk Show This Week at Boca Museum of Art

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Handbag Designer Julie Feldman Trunk Show This Week at Boca Museum of Art

Julie Feldman lives in Los Angeles and creates designer handbags that allow you to incorporate art into your wardrobe.

What do Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Hillary Clinton, Celine Dion, Charlize Theron and Sharon Stone have in common?

They all have a Julie Feldman handmade handbag. 

Feldman is an LA-based handbag designer, sculptor, painter, interior designer, tarot card reader and more. Her handbag designs are feminine with a touch of whimsy (some have a lot of whimsy), with daytime and evening designs, and everyday looks, too. Her bags incorporate sparkle, flowers, acrylics, leather, satin, silks and so much more. She also has a line of men’s bags (good for anyone, really!) and a collection of handcrafted Mezuzah cases, among other works. To see her bags and other art, visit her website at

She will be holding a trunk show at the museum store at the Boca Raton Museum of Art Thursday, Feb. 16 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  and Friday, Feb. 17, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. While there, Feldman will sign your purchases—with love and magic! See BRMOA’s website for more details.

Our food contributor Alina Z. (aka the Green Goddess) conducted an email interview with Feldman: 

What inspires your art?

My art and design is inspired from within. It is an energy I live with that has shown itself in sculpture, painting, writing, astrology and tarot. I do not use business formats, classes (which I have never had) or current trends to guide me in my work..I always go with what my instincts tell me..what I feel or what I like and begin there…I have been lucky and blessed that I have been able to support myself over 25 years doing what I love, making things in the US by hand and only what feels right to me and feeds my soul.

How does your work reflect your life values?

The values I live by are in sync with my core nature and express themselves through my work…most importantly, honesty. Honesty is not just about telling the truth, but living it everyday. Whether it is creating, writing or speaking in public, it must emanate from your core and resonate throughout your is not always the popular choice but your choice.

Is there an underlying message in your work?

Well, actually there is! It might be hard to detect as my body of work is quite diverse, multidimensional and spans almost 3 decades! But, for me, I hope people extrapolate from my career to believe in themselves, work with their passions and don’t let anyone else discourage  them from continuing on their own unique path.

Why do you  sign  your customer’s purses “With Love and Magic, Julie”?

Well, I love what I do and I think that shows..I see it in people’s faces when they see a table of my work…their eyes widen and they smile and seem to beam with joy! It is at that moment that I feel successful. Somehow my passion has uplifted someone else and made them happy. The magic is just what happens in the art making is like a great surprise, even to me a lot of the time!!! And when someone wants me to sign just my first name, I feel a personal connection to that person and all people…it makes me feel part of something bigger, something universal.

With Love and Magic, Julie

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Alina Z.
Alina Z.
Alina Z., aka “The Green Goddess,” is a certified holistic health coach, detox specialist and raw-food chef (she conducts occasional classes at Whole Foods in Boca). Prior to moving to Florida, Alina hosted her own TV show in Maryland—“Entertaining A to Z”—for people who didn’t have time to cook but wanted to eat healthy. Catch one of her web episodes at, visit Alina’s website at, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter. The Green Goddess blog runs every other Wednesday at

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