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Hang out spots for Boca’s young adults

In a city more known for everyone and his mother’s grandparents, finding a place to hang out for those under 50 can be trickier than snagging a parking spot in the wintertime. But thanks to local colleges like Lynn University and Florida Atlantic University, some safe havens exist for the rest of us who are still years away from Medicare. Whether you’re a gym junkie or a coffee shop hipster, we’ve found a place for you.

Gravity and Oxygen (G + O^2)
Unlike other gyms, there aren’t any bulky weightlifting machines or loud electrical treadmills at Gravity and Oxygen (199 W. Palmetto Park Rd.) Instead G + O^2 capitalizes on the body’s natural movements of locomotion, pushing/pulling, rotation and ability to change elevation to create an effective calorie-burning workout ideal for any college student or young working professional. The gym offers a clean, modern and chic space for both personal training lessons and group circuit training classes. Classes are typically limited to only 20 to 25 people, so trainers can effectively moderate each athlete’s form. The gym also has a junior program for children ages 10 to 18.

Kapow! Noodle Bar
Featuring graffiti murals, intimate dining space and rock music, Kapow! (431 Plaza Real, Mizner Park) offers locally sourced, Asian fusion tapas and a wide variety of libations—including wine, craft beer, sake and cocktails. The food is fresh, the music is on point and the workers are super hip (My bartender even sported a man bun). Kapow! is the ideal place to grab drinks with the roomies on a Friday night.

The Seed
For the skinny jean-wearing, indie music-loving hipster, The Seed (199 W. Palmetto Park Road, Suite E) is the perfect café. This specialty coffee and juice bar features locally roasted coffee and local and seasonal juices and smoothies. It’s a hip place with mini cacti plants, natural lighting and incredible cold brew coffee. If you don’t mind the occasional roar of a blender or hum of a grinder, it’s a great place to study or get some work done.

South Beach Park
For the sun tanner and beach volleyball player, I’d definitely go to South Beach Park (400 N. State Rd.) Although the beach caters to a wide range of ages, its clean shoreline and clear blue-green waters are perfect for running, playing a game of volleyball, sun tanning and swimming. Just don’t forget to bring the sunscreen!

Frank’s Theatre
Frank’s Theatre (14775 Lyons Rd., Delray Beach) has new, clean and comfortable seating, but the movie house also features a bowling alley. Flashing lights, loud music and video projections make Frank’s Theatre great for young people on weekend nights. You can save a couple of bucks on Tuesdays when movies are only $6.The theater also shows Imax movies and serves American comfort food like burgers and pizza. Because this theater is a cheaper alternative to iPic, it’s especially popular with young families and high school students.


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