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“Everybody’s Doing It:” Health, Beauty and Wellness Trends

Repeat after us: “We are well and good, we are well and good.” If you’re still not feeling it after that, rest assured because today’s blog post will get you there.  Whether it’s the latest trend in treatments or the newest beauty and wellness gadgets, you can expect it to be covered today.

Wanna Chill?: Cryotherapy

Frio Cryotherapy

Get ready to freeze your booties off and feel an immense amount of freezing discomfort for a two to three minutes (which will actually feel like two to three hours depending on your threshold).

You’ve heard of athletes and health enthusiasts taking “ice baths,” but cryotherapy is safer, healthier, and more effective than a traditional ice bath. Cryotherapy exposes the body to hyper-cooled air that’s -200°F to -240°F, which then triggers the body’s natural healing mechanisms to kick in. So, who does cryotherapy benefit at the end of the day? People who suffer with muscle soreness, inflammation, swelling, musculoskeletal pain, and increases overall general health and wellness.

Delray Beach Cryo,2196 W Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach; delraybeachcryo.com

Boca Cryo,1200 Yamato Road Suite B-3, Boca Raton; bocacryo.com

Frio Cryotherapy, 3307 Northlake Blvd #102, Palm Beach Gardens; friocryotherapy.com (Delray location opening in summer 2019!)

Whatever Floats your Boat: Float Therapy


What if we said you could float all your problems away? Would you believe us? Well, it’s true…to a certain extent.

Float therapy, also known as “sensory deprivation” is the latest and greatest craze in mind, body and soul wellness. Floatation therapy is an alternative health and wellness treatment that reduces stress and offers holistic pain relief by restricting sensory input to the brain. By removing external stimuli and the effects of gravity, floaters reach a deep level of mental and physical relaxation which is ideal for healing and meditation.

You’re placed in an isolation tank with no gravity, no light, no sound, pure nothingness. You become one with yourself while experiencing an abundance of other benefits such as stress relief, chronic pain, anxiety, aided meditation, enhanced spirituality, softer skin, stronger hair, and so much more.

Float8, 616 SE Tenth St., Deerfield Beach; float8ion.com

The Golden Cocktail: Aqua Gold Facial

Aqua Gold Facial

We couldn’t do a post about health and beauty without featuring our favorite new facial treatment.? The Aqua Gold Facial smooths out fine lines while evening out skin texture, which also reduces redness and rejuvenates the skin for a healthy glow.

As two young ladies approaching 31 and 32, we are willing to do anything to do anything to prevent and prolong the aging process, and the AquaGold Facial just does that. We have noticed a significant difference in the texture of our skin with and without makeup on, which speaks wonders.

Sign. Us. Up.

Allure Aesthetics, 4700 NW Second Ave. Suite 103, Boca Raton; allureaestheticsfl.com

The New Kale: Celery Juice

If you haven’t heard, celery is the new kale. You can’t go to a juice or wellness store without having the “celery craze” thrown in your face.

Coined the “miracle juice,” celery juice has a way of restoring and healing some of the most common and chronic health issues facing people all over the country. Drinking celery juice on an empty stomach has been known to help people with chronic illnesses, but it’s also a great juice to start your day as it brings energy and a revitalization you never thought you needed.

Aside from making it yourself you can find it at Raw Juce locations throughout Boca Raton, rawjuce.com.

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