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Take a look around your residence. Are your rooms making the grade when it comes to interior style? If not, it’s time to go back to school.

Boca Raton has studied several spectacular South Florida spaces to determine what puts them on the dean’s list of dynamic design. The talented Florida designers responsible for these rooms loaded them with livable, engaging style—providing 36 interior lessons, along the way, that can apply in your home.

Get your notebooks ready. Class is in session.

1) Magic with Mirrors: Nothing visually expands space or brightens dark areas better than mirrors. In this striking dining room, uniquely framed and “fractured” mirrors wrap the walls, amplifying their space-altering, reflective power.

2) Treat Your Backs: Too frequently, we ignore the back of a chair when it’s often the most visible element. By upholstering these chair backs with lively fabric, the designers dressed the table—and the room—with eye-catching color and pattern.

3) Approach the Bench: Built-in benches not only look ultrachic, they also save floor space needed by chairs that pull in and out; ideal for small dining rooms.

4) Frame the Shot: Framing the opening to a room with bold molding and contrasting color creates instant drama. This dark, overscaled doorframe outlines the view into the dining room, placing the focus on its dynamic style.

5) The Time for Bold: Love patterned wall coverings but don’t know where to use them? Consider low-traffic areas like the hallway, foyer or powder room; they’re the perfect spots for over-the-top wall treatments and big, bold patterns.

6) Bring on the Bling: Every space can benefit from a bit of pizzazz, from sparkling crystal to shiny brass. Emphasis on “a bit.” Bling overkill is deadly to interior design. This chandelier, for example, dazzles the dark and moody dining room with a single, shimmering statement.

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