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Hypnotize Yourself Healthy

I always seem to run into fascinating people dedicated to health and wellbeing in South Florida. If you’ve been following my adventures, you already know there is much to do here to be well.

But very recently, something strange happened. Within a week’s time, two different people approached me and, out of the blue, mentioned my past lives and my purpose in this lifetime. One gentleman told me that while he did not know me, he knew I was on the “right path” and advised I continue in the direction I was heading. This had never happened before and—because I’m open and curious and sure as hell believe in coincidences—I decided to explore this further.

A close friend recommended I look into the work of Dr. Brian Weiss the author of “Many Lives, Many Masters.” Weiss is a national educator and hypnosis specialist residing in Miami. I quickly learned that hypnosis is not just a magic trick for entertaining folks at parties; it’s a medically based process used to uncover what lies hidden in our subconscious. Weiss reports working extensively with clients who have brought memories of past lives out during their sessions. Hypnosis allows an expert to offer ideas encouraging patients to create scenarios in which they have positive interactions, which might lead to hidden motivations for negative behavior.

The American Psychological Association recommends hypnosis only be conducted by properly trained and credentialed professionals working within the realm of their expertise. Studies have been conducted and have found that hypnosis has proven benefits, such as promoting better sleep, easing anxiety and help with pain management.

I found a local certified hypnotist, Susan Lawrence of Get Joyful Hypnotherapy, to meet with and explore hypnotherapy as an option for wellbeing. She has studied extensively with Weiss and has a practice right here in Delray Beach where she specializes in weight loss, smoking cessation, spiritual healing and past life regression.

I met with Susan at her home office. She ushered me into a quiet room, tastefully decorated with the soft sound of running water in the background. Very soothing. She explained that when you are hypnotized, it is like being in that state between wakefulness and sleep. The mind is relaxed and focused, but you are not sleeping. To guide you to this place of concentration, she uses verbal imagery while you recline comfortably and visualize what she is saying.

For example she says, “Imagine you are on a beautiful beach, you can see the waves and feel the sand beneath your feet. You are walking along the shore line.” In your mind you allow yourself to visualize the scene as she describes it.

I had completed an intake, so she knew in advance I had recently lost my father.

She had me lay back in a chair and after visualizing myself walking along the beach, she said, “I want you to envision your dad is there on the beach.” An image of him instantly popped into my mind, and for some reason he looked different than my actual memories. He was younger, in robust health and exuding a more powerful energy. In real life he had been older and a double amputee.

My father took his life in early 2016 and I have regretted not having a final conversation with him, so this moment was powerful as I was being offered an opportunity to interact with him. I visualized approaching my dad and sensed a positive, confident energy coming from him.

Susan continued, “What would you like to say to your father?” I was silent for a bit and then said, “I am sorry if I held onto expectations that you would be something for me you weren’t capable of and I hope I did not cause you pain.”

He responded, “I didn’t know how to love. Every time I loved it hurt me. I love you very much I just didn’t show it very well. You have always been a shining light.”

I heard Susan’s voice prompt me, “Ask him if has some advice for you.”

I visualized asking this and immediately heard him say, “Do not think twice about leaving situations you know are unhealthy. Trust yourself.” I sensed from him pride in me and encouragement for what I was focused on. A happiness he had not exuded in our real life connection seemed to radiate from him. It felt like a real interaction to me.

It was healing for me to move through this experience and I can see how this type of work could be beneficial for those needing to make peace with negative experiences from the past.

Susan prides herself on helping people discover inner peace and transforming negative thoughts and behaviors into new beliefs and habits. And I have to tell you, it seems to work: ever since my hypnotherapy session, now when I think of my dad, I see the younger version of him I met on the beach.

If you are interested in exploring and adding hypnosis to your wellbeing regimen, you can find Susan through her website at or call 561-266-3669

Debra K
Debra K
Debra K., the natural health explorer, is an Emmy-nominated television producer and host. In her quest to “healthify” the nation she founded Well World TV. Well World TV is the newest online TV network sharing inspirational and educational stories to help you live a better, healthier, and happier life. With a strong desire to bring amazing stories to life, she is on a quest to find the experts and personalities that will help us all live our most vital life. She is actively seeking Well World TV stars and advertisers. Her goal? To share content that creates a Well World. Debra is also available to speak and provide media coverage at your next event.

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