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Illuminate Your Face With This High/Low Lighting Technique

This video accompanies our story “Lighten Up” in our September/October 2017 issue. For more content like this, subscribe to the magazine. Photography for this story was shot at Sun House Studio in Delray Beach by Aaron Bristol. 

Contouring. Highlighting. Strobing. Gelittering.

You’ve probably read about these makeup terms in magazines or watched YouTube tutorials about how to pull off the technique (except “gelittering;” we made that one up). Maybe you’ve even tried to pull off these looks yourself to varying degrees of success.

The problem with mainstream beauty videos, says Delray-based makeup artist Daphney Antoine, is that they’re marketed toward teenagers and women in their 20s. She says she sees too many older women copying the same makeup techniques that look great on youthful skin, but just don’t work when replicated on more mature features. But that doesn’t mean women of a certain age can’t highlight or contour.

Watch a behind-the-scenes look at our photoshoot, and see below for application tips.

Step 1. Start with a clean face. Remember to use a daily moisturizer to minimize fine lines and prep your skin before makeup application.


Step 2. Highlight the areas of your face you want to spotlight. Good spots are above your eyebrows, under your eyes, around your temples and on the bridge of your nose. You can also use highlighter on the cheekbones depending on how prominent they are. Antoine says, “It’s all in the effort to create an oval-shaped face.”


Step 3. Contouring or shading is used on areas of your face that you want to look less prominent. Use it under the cheekbones so your face appears thinner and your cheeks stand out.


Step 4. Antoine’s pro tip: Blending is the most important aspect of doing your makeup. She says you shouldn’t see where the makeup starts or ends. “It’s meant to accentuate your beauty,” she says. “It doesn’t become a mask—it becomes your face.” Blend the makeup into your hairline, and don’t miss the ridge around your nose, or the skin right underneath your lash line. To complete your look, add a light powder to your whole face, eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss or lipstick.


About our model, Kate Colozzi:

Colozzi lives in Delray Beach and is the sales manager of Dune Jewelry, a Boston-based jewelry company that uses sand from your favorite beach, park, mountain or anywhere special in artisanal fine jewelry pieces.

About Daphney Antoine:

Photo provided by Daphney Antoine.
Photo provided by Daphney Antoine.

Antoine has worked in the fashion and style industry around the globe. She is a photographer, brand image consultant, hair and makeup artist and has her own line of makeup products.

Shayna Tanen
Shayna Tanen
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