In the Magazine: The Perfect Blend

Heal and repair skin with a natural, personalized approach

“I believe in healing yourself,” says Patti Green, motioning to the body butters, cleansers, toners, facial oils and colorful tea leaves around her on a warm Delray afternoon.

Green is a lifestyle expert and founder of The Beauty Blend Kitchen, a product line that uses natural ingredients and essential oils to blend facial masks, cleansers and elixirs that meet an individual’s skin care needs from day to day. It’s the most personalized form of natural beauty to hit the market.

For almost 10 years, Green suffered from facial swelling and hives, until an autoimmune diagnosis changed her life. She found herself throwing out everything containing chemicals in her freezer, pantry, beauty cabinet and cleaning supplies.

As Green researched, she found that ingredients like jojoba oil, rose hip oil, aloe and tea  promote healing and repair for all skin types.

Patti Green

“People can heal themselves, but it’s a concerted effort,” she says. “It’s all about small steps.”

Green began combining ingredients in masks and cleansers, changing ratios and product combinations to fit her skin’s daily, changing demands. The experiment worked, and now Green, who has lived in Delray for four years, shares her products and story with others.

“I want to educate people [to] take control of what’s going on their skin,” Green says. “I believe you need to blend ingredients based on each day.”

For example, adding a tablespoon of rosebuds and petals to one or two tablespoons of aloe vera gel creates a refreshing mask to reduce inflammation. Applying rose hip oil to the face after a cleanser or toner restores damaged skin tissue. Each Beauty Blend Kitchen purchase includes recipe cards for blending ideas, plus wooden bowls and spoons to use for mixing.

“Avoid metal,” Green cautions. “It can react with skin. Always use the wooden bowls and spoons we provide.”

The Beauty Blend Kitchen is currently available at Circe + SWAG in Delray. Green hopes to expand her business to other local boutiques and pop-ups around South Florida. For more information, visit

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